Getting started: Creating your own Blog



1.         On internet go to:

2.         On the Blogger homepage

first:   click on “Take a QuickTour” to find out more about blogs
then:   click on: “Create Your Blog Now”

3.         STEP 1: “CREATE ACCOUNT”

Fill in:

User name :              choose any log-in name you will remember
(I suggest: first name+family name : no spaces)
Enter password :     choose any password you will remember!
Retype password :   do so!
Display Name :         enter your first name(space)family name
Email address :        enter your email address
Acceptance of terms : tick box
Click on “CONTINUE”

4.         STEP 2: “NAME YOUR BLOG”

Blog title:                   enter “NAME – (your full name)”  (NAME bijvoorbeeld: berlinromane)
Blog address:            enter “name(first name)(family name)” - no spaces!
Click on “CONTINUE”

5.         STEP 3: “CHOOSE A TEMPLATE”

Free choice! View first, then select the one you like.
Click on “CONTINUE”


6.         You see: “CREATING BLOG”
then: “Your blog has been created”


7.         Click on “START POSTING”